Author: Katherine Duran

Asheville Community Theatre completes Phase 1 of rebuild

Snake Oil Medicine Show, Sourwood Festival, Summer Classic and more. Joe Castle/ Buy Photo The lights were out at the Asheville Community Theatre, and the newly renovated auditorium was completely dark — blackened, save for the single ghost light illuminating a small circle of stage. The theater smelled of freshly cut lumber and still-drying paint […]

Cybersecurity conference boosts Asheville’s IT profile

NETWORK SECURE: With a new, larger location and a host of experts from across the cybersecurity world, the 4th annual Asheville Bsides cybersecurity conference comes to downtown Asheville July 28-29, in hopes of helping local businesses protect their digital networks and growing Asheville’s nascent IT industry. Photo by Timothy De Block; Courtesy of Asheville Bsides […]

Guns, ammunition found during Asheville search

ASHEVILLE – Asheville police seized multiple guns and ammunition during a search of an apartment last month. The search was connected to the arrest of Ashter Harris, 26, who was charged with assault by pointing a gun, going armed to the terror of people, assault on a government official and resisting arrest. According to a […]

Decorating Ideas For Your Studio Apartments


Studio Apartments are the ones that basically consist of single room in which there is a dining area, cooking area, sleeping and relaxing space. Though all of these areas are combined within a single room, they include bathroom having proper door and walls. Even though there are no wall-separated rooms in studio apartments but you […]

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